Commuter organization seeks to raise money, creates Kent Relay for Life team

Julia Adkins

The Commuters and Off-Campus Student Organization is one of the newest teams to join the Relay for Life of Kent State at the Kent State Field House Saturday, April 5.  

The idea to join came from Assistant Director Katie Borton, a junior organizational communication studies major.  She said she proposed the idea to COSO during a meeting about participating in Relay for Life to help become more involved in things around campus.  

“Everyone on the board thought it was a great way to do so,” she said.

Borton, who has eight years of previous experience participating in Relay for Life in Cuyahoga Falls and Kent, is in charge of COSO’s Relay team.  

“I led a team back in high school for the Relay for Life of Cuyahoga Falls, and I enjoyed every last minute of participation in the event,” Borton said. “From planning, to fundraising, to being around the people that have struggled or knew someone who struggled with cancer, I have really grown a passion for participating and volunteering for Relay for Life events.”

Anyone can join COSO’s relay team by registering online on Kent State’s Relay for Life homepage.

“Be aware that it asks for a donation of $10 when you sign up,” Borton said.  “It goes towards the $100 goal of getting a relay T-Shirt and obviously towards a good cause overall.”  

Students are able to sign up for COSO’s team until April 5.

COSO’s online team goal is currently $1,000.  However, Borton said, “We may change their goal to $2,000 because we hope to do well with the on-site fundraising that we plan on having.”  

COSO has currently raised $150 toward their goal.  To achieve its goals, the group has been asking for personal donations and is in the process of setting up a fundraiser with Insomnia Cookies prior to the relay.  

Rebecca Kapler, coordinator for COSO and Center for Student Involvement assistant director, has included the link to join in her emails sent out to students about staying involved on campus and the different events put on by COSO.  Kapler states that she participates because she knows that by raising funds and walking in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event, she will help save lives from cancer.  She has contributed $10 to COSO’s relay team, as has Clay Snyder, a sophomore psychology major.

“I feel that this is a great opportunity to rise up to the challenge of putting our organizations name out to the commuting body,” said Kevin Heller, senior conservation major and COSO executive director.  He said by having this event, he wants COSO to make a statement to the commuting body that they are here for guidance and as a foothold in becoming involved on campus.

“We welcome all commuters who are not sure how to become involved,” Heller said.  

He encourages all commuters to come join them for Relay for Life.

COSO’s relay team will have its own site and booth area, with a table decorated around a Mario Kart theme because they are the commuter organization and are affiliated with cars Borton said. Its main fundraiser during the relay will deal with the Mario Kart video game and racing.    

According to Relay for Life’s website for Kent State’s event, 48 teams and 883 participants have raised over $22,000.

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