The Corporate University at KSU Stark to aid in starting wage, benefits survey

Julia Adkins

The Corporate University at Kent State University Stark campus, partnering with Team Northeast Ohio, is conducting a survey to collect new data on starting wage and benefit information about 250 different professions from local companies within 18 Northeast Ohio counties that are important to growth in this region. 

The companies that fit the survey’s guidelines were asked to respond starting Feb. 10 and will be available for completion by a human resource representative until March 31.  Companies wishing to participate in this survey should visit the following link:  All companies who participate in the survey will remain confidential and will have access to the final report.

The current information from the state available to companies about starting pay and benefits are not entirely correct, as some may be skewed due to the number of veteran workers and low numbers of worker turnovers, according to the press release from Team NEO and KSU Stark on Feb. 10.

The survey is expected to provide new and more accurate information about starting pay and benefits.  “There is a real need for starting wage and benefits information for recruiting both workforce and businesses to Northeast Ohio,” said Jacob Duritsky, managing director for Research for Team NEO, in the press release. “Most of the businesses that we meet with ask about the labor costs during the first meeting.  The information from this survey provides a more complete picture of what it would cost to start or expand a business here.”  The purpose of this survey is to aid both Team NEO and The Corporate University at KSU Stark, the participating companies and the surrounding Northeast Ohio communities.

Team NEO is a regional, private-sector organization meant to help existing companies here in Northeast Ohio grow and to attract new businesses to the area.  “This data is used by Team NEO to attract new companies and jobs to the Northeast Ohio region, which benefits our whole region including our students,” said Marshall Hill, the research coordinator for The Corporate University at KSU Stark. 

The Corporate University at KSU Stark was selected to help Team NEO collect the data for this survey.  “Our department, The Corporate University is the continuing education and corporate outreach entity of our campus, which includes survey and research services,” said Hill.  “We provide a bridge between the campus, students, and area organizations by providing services to these organizations as well as talking about the campus, our students and internship opportunities.”

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