BSR Beats: Week 4

Brenda Riepenhoff


“Reflections” — MisterWives

In the first part of this song, nothing in particular sticks out, but as soon as the music picks up with the chorus, you become addicted to this song. The upbeat music and unique vocals make this a song to be remembered.


“Spades, Clubs and Diamonds” — Aer

These guys are the type of people I really just want to be friends with. This duo from Massachusetts performed this song stunningly on BalconyTV Brooklyn. I would call them alternative rappers, and I just love the cleverness of this song, purposefully leaving out the suit of hearts.


“Hurricane” — The Fray

The Fray have recently debuted the second single of their upcoming album “Helios,” which comes out February 25th. I can’t wait to see the changes this band has made on this album.


“Cold Beer With Your Name On It” — Josh Thompson

In all honestly, I hated this song when I first heard it. But, after listening to the lyrics and getting to hear the chorus a few more times, I fell in love. I like the message he shares on how if this girl in question decides life isn’t what she expected, she can always come back home and the people she loved will always be there for her.


“Feelin’ Myself” —

Produced by DJ Mustard, who has been killin’ it lately, this song features Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and French Montana. The song was an addition to’s re-release of #willpower. It’s a matter of time until everyone knows this song.

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