News on the go: Feb. 17, 2014

Carrie Blazina

Information is from the Associated Press.

A man in Florida was convicted Saturday of attempted murder for shooting into a car of teenagers playing what he called “thug music,” but the jury did not convict him of first-degree murder. The 2012 shooting killed one of the three black teens in the car. Michael Dunn, who is white, could face up to 30 years on each of two attempted murder charges and 15 years on a charge of shooting into an occupied vehicle. Read full story here

Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that people denying climate change are “simply burying their heads in the sand” and that climate change is possibly the “most fearsome” destructive weapon facing the world. In a speech in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kerry told the crowd that people denying climate change are using shoddy science to delay steps to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. On Saturday, the U.S. and China also made an agreement to cooperate to combat climate change.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told Israeli activists Sunday that he has no intention of flooding Israel with Palestinian refugees, which is a central issue in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Israel and Palestine have been negotiating peace behind closed doors for several months, and the status of the 5 million Palestinian refugees and their descendants has been a contested issue since their expulsion from their homes during a 1948 war.

Jimmy Fallon’s first episode of “The Tonight Show” will air Monday night. The Fallon era will mark the show’s return to New York for the first time in 42 years, and Fallon told the AP he hopes to bring the show back to its glory days when Johnny Carson hosted. Fallon said his popular “Late Night” features such as announcer Steve Higgins, house band the Roots and bits such as “Slow Jam the News” and “Thank-You Notes” will return for “The Tonight Show.” Read full story here.

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