News on the go: Feb. 4th, 2014

Taylor Williams

Officials are moving to require automobile makers to supply new technologies in vehicles that will allow cars to warn each other when they are at risk of danger. This new technology has the potential to cut crashes, deaths and injuries, but is still a few years away from beginning, according to officials.

Janet Yellen officially took over the leadership of the Federal Reserve on Monday, and now she faces the task of unraveling the extraordinary economic stimulus without disrupting the flow of the economy. Yellen is the first woman to lead the Federal Reserve and follows Ben Bernanke, who stepped down after eight years of service.

As the Olympics approach, Sochi authorities are turned to pest control firm, Baysa Services Monday to catch and exterminate the thousands of stray dogs that have been living in the construction, roaming city streets and begging for food. The dogs are being caught as to not disrupt Olympic events or bother city visitors.

This week the large farm bill headed toward final passage has broad implications including the food we eat to what we pay for them. This bill leads to continued subsidies to farmers and victories for animal rights advocates, a crackdown on food stamp fraud and a relaxation in hemp laws. The bill is expected to be passed Tuesday after the chamber votes.

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