Ask Mel: Getting the semester back on track

Melissa Puppo

Dear Mel,

I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with my semester already because of work and homework, and it’s only been a few weeks in. How do I get back on track before this semester ends badly?

        — P.W.


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Dear P.W.,

I’m sure you’re not the only one on campus who feels this way. I definitely was feeling this way — and during the first week of classes. I was staying up super late doing homework, I was disorganized and felt insanely overwhelmed with my new schedule.

What I’m here to tell you, however, is now is the time to get your act together. It’s good that you are noticing the issues at this point, and you need to target in on areas of your life that are stressing you out.

Let’s start with classes. Is there a particular one you’re stressed out about? If so, make sure you actually GO to the class so you know what’s going on. And do what I did last year when I was struggling in psychology: Go to office hours! Your professor will help you out, give extra information and share tips on how to succeed in the course.

Make a schedule. I have two different ones and they really help me out. One is for major homework, tests and assignments with duedates, and one is for work and extra curricular stuff. If you don’t have a planner, get one! Make to-do lists with Post-It notes, on your computer, anything that will make you stay focused and get organized.

Also, take time for yourself. If you’ve been slacking on going to the gym, make time to do so. You need “you” time aside from constantly being busy.

It’s also important to make time in your schedule to hang out with friends and make sure you do the little things, like eat, sleep and shower.

Just remember to stay positive. As you cross things off your lists you’ll likely be invigorated and way more motivated to keep going. Stay sane; it’s not even midterm season yet. You can freak out then if you need to, but hopefully this will help prevent that.

              XO, Mel