Campus jobs are very convenient for students

Devin Hennessy

“I only work seven hours a week,” said Elyse Homan, a sophomore nutrition student, “I have to take a lot of science classes and I struggle with them so I can’t work a lot of hours since I need a lot of time to study.”

Homan works in the dean’s office in the Business Administration building. She said she doesn’t have a car so she wanted to get a job she could walk to.

Jenna Rutz, a senior studying special education, works in the Center for Student Involvement as a scheduling coordinator.

“I’ve worked here since my sophomore year. It’s so nice,” she said with a smile, “I work here before and after class and the desk closes at five. I don’t have to work on the weekends since we’re not open.” Rutz is student teaching this semester so she has fewer available hours to work.

“I’m so happy they let me keep my job this semester. I only work for an hour and a half three days a week, but it’s nice to get some money every two weeks,” she said, “I’m super busy all the time, but I have to work to pay for my car insurance and sorority dues.”

Many students say they like to have cash to have some more freedom.

Amanda Sharaba, a senior studying criminal justice, also works for the Center for Student Involvement.

“My best friend worked here already and she helped me get the job,” Sharaba said, “Once the office was hiring, Jenna gave the boss my name and I was called in for an interview after I applied. I got the job on the spot.”

Sharaba works 21 hours a week as a scheduling coordinator.

“I’m lucky. I work before and after class to get my hours in so I just stay on campus all day. Sometimes if the desk is slow I can look over my homework,” she said, “I need to work a lot of hours because I pay for food, car insurance, and lots of housing bills.”

Cathy Walsh, the Office Administrative Secretary at the Office of Continuing and Distance Education, is in charge of hiring the student workers at the office. The department has four student workers this semester.

“The students have a say in their schedule because we want to work with their class times and make sure they can manage school with the amount of hours they work,” Walsh said, “It is a huge advantage because we understand if they need to take a day off for school work or something like that.”

Students can apply for campus jobs on the experience job board located on the Career Services Center website,, and on Flashline under the Student Career Path tab.

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