Local cover band to perform at Bar 145 this weekend


Tricky Dick and the Cover-Ups

Endya Watson

The cover band Tricky Dick and the Cover-Ups is, according to its website, “humbly trying to save the world, one previously-written song at a time.”

The latest stop on this journey to save the world will be at Bar 145 in downtown Kent on Thursday, Feb. 13 and Friday, Feb. 14 at 10:30 p.m.

The band, from Lakewood Ohio, began with Matt Johnson, the drummer, and Doug Schulze, the bass guitarist, in 2008. Lead singer Tony Howard and keyboardist Jeph Harmozis came in about a year and a half later to make up the four members that stand today.

The idea to play cover music is what really brought the band to where it is now.

“I think we’ve all dabbled in original music throughout our careers,” Johnson said. “But somehow we were just able to find our niche in this area when we came together. We’re a cover band, but we still have room to be creative people.”

Tricky Dick and the Cover-Ups say they are different from other cover bands because of the wide variety of music they play and the technique they use during performances.

“We really play everything,” said Johnson. “From pop to rock to hip hop. Sometimes we even throw it back to songs from the 80s and 90s.”

Johnson said the band takes pride in creating a medley of songs that flow well together. When they perform, the band members don’t just play songs individually; rather, they pick a range of songs that go from one to the next seamlessly.   

“We listen to a song, take the best elements and figure out when is the best time to end it and begin a new song,” Johnson said. “Jeph is really good at arranging this; he rebuilds songs from the ground up and really makes them our own.”

The band has performed at Bar 145 a few times before, and Johnson said Tricky Dick and the Cover-Ups bring a style to the venue that the crowd really enjoys.

“We’re four very engaging personalities on stage,” Johnson said. “We connect with people in an interesting way; people have been able to embrace it as a fun, almost cathartic experience.”

Dan Edmondson, general manager of Bar 145, echoes Johnson, and said he chose the band to perform because of its great crowd interaction.

“We look for bands that are going to create a fun environment,” Edmondson said. “This band is one of the premiere cover bands in the state; they’re popular, they draw a crowd, they’re very fun.”

Tricky Dick and the Cover-Ups began their tour on Feb. 1 and will continue through April 26.

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