New Residence Services Vision Statement aims to improve student life on campus

Martin Harp

Kent State’s Residence Services has started working on their new vision statement to improve on-campus life.

Jill Church, director of Residence Services, said the new vision statement is to “be recognized as the leading housing program in the nation.”

The plan to become the number one housing program in the nation is just in its beginning stages, with plans starting just over four months ago, Church said.

Most companies don’t set out to be mediocre, they are striving to be the best,” Church said.

“I think it’s great that we set high goals for ourselves, that we have that vision and are making active steps towards that,” Cody Waterman, assistant residence hall director for Fletcher and Manchester, said.

One thing Residence Services wants to improve on is how it serves international students.

Church said some of the improvements for international students could range from translated documents for easier understanding to kitchens in existing residence halls so residents could make their own food.

Church said Residence Services has been looking toward the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International, ACUHO-I, for help.

ACUHO-I is an association that includes thousands of campus housing professionals from more than 950 colleges and universities worldwide.

“We’re looking to them to see what we should have and looking at ourselves to see if we have them,” Church said.

The renovations to facilities and residence halls on campus are another step toward becoming the best in the nation, Church said.

“I think it’s really good that they are updating the buildings to make it more comfortable for people to live in,” sophomore chemistry major Cassandra Ervin-Mille said. “You can really tell they are looking at what students need.”

With all these renovations and improvements, affordable campus living is still a main priority, Church said.

The change is also in the staff themselves, Church said.

“Part of being the best would mean we have staff that are setting the trends for the nation,” Church said. “’Well Kent State does this and that in their housing program.’ We want to be known across the nation like that.”

“It’s good to see they are trying to improve and keep everything updated,” freshman integrated health studies major Alexis Maines said.

Church said the vision statement is a work in progress right now with a more concrete plan coming in the next couple of months.

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