Jump into fun at Zip City

Isobella Leonardi, 9, waves to spectators on an observation deck while riding the zipline at Zip City, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014. Zip City is the only indoor trampoline and zipline park in the world, located in Steetsboro, Ohio.

Melissa Puppo

There I was, standing above the huge drop below me. I was strapped in my harness that was just a little bit too difficult putting on. The workers joked around with me just a few moments ago saying how no one has fallen from the line — yet. I chuckled a bit, but deep down it gave me just the right kind of nervousness I needed.

I looked down once more, then to my friend Brittney, who seemed a little less nervous than I. She asked me if I was ready, and the worker tightened my straps once more and asked me to “step off and go whenever I was ready.”

Well, that time was now. I took a deep breath and launched off the floor into a fast-paced rush of adrenaline and nervousness all mixed into one.

My vision was blurred, and I yelled a bit — more from the relief and excitement that came over me — as I realized the 10 seconds were almost over. In an abrupt stop at the other end, my body came to a jerking halt, and I was safe again. I gave a nervous laugh as I tried to make small talk with the other workers while my harness was being unclipped.

I was all right! I didn’t get stuck in the middle of the line like I thought could happen. I didn’t get hurt. Rather, I had an amazing experience, and a lot more followed as I continued having fun with my friends at Zip City, Streetsboro’s first — and the world’s first indoor zip lining and trampoline center.

As the night continued on, I zip lined again and again going upside down and with no hands. I was having a blast. I proceeded to check out the first floor, with a wide variety of other fun, and I knew the money I paid was well worth it!

 “I was nervous even though I was excited, “ said freshman exercise science major Abrianna Dubler said about her first experience zip lining. “I ran and jumped off, and it was fun to fly through the air.”

Dubler had gone zip lining before at a Portage County camp, but she said her heart was still racing because she experienced it and knew what to expect. She said her experience at camp differed because she loved the surroundings at Zip City where there were little kids who were very excited to see what they were about to do.

Megan Lawrence had a different experience because this was her first time zip lining. The freshman psychology major said she was scared because she’s afraid of heights and was a little worried and nervous. But it was all worth it for her.

According to Zip City’s website,  “Zip City is not your average trampoline park and is the only indoor Zipline Park on Earth.”


Zip City in Streetsboro, Ohio, is the only place in the world with an indoor trampoline and zip line park. Patrons are able to play on the many tampolines, while others fly by on the 220 foot zip line overhead. Photo by Rachael Le Goubin.

The facility is home to five zip lines each 200 feet long and three stories high, with riders able to go as fast as 20 mph. Zip City also has a 10,000 square feet trampoline park with a foam pit, basketball hoops, dodgeball games and open jump courts available for everyone’s jumping needs. Not satisfied yet? They also have an arcade area.

“They had a ton of trampolines, and they had a foam pit so we were doing front flips into the foam pit,” Lawrence said. She didn’t get to go on all of them but said she enjoyed being able to jump around and try new things.

She also said she liked ZipCity because it gave her the chance to do something other than schoolwork, and she was able to hang out with her friends.

“I think it’s a great stress reliever from class work, and it’s definitely something to do off of campus,” Lawrence said.  “It’s completely accessible because it’s such a short distance away [in Streetsboro].” She said she definitely plans to come back.

Zip City hosts a special discount for college students with I.D.’s every Thursday from 7 to 11 p.m. where it costs only $10 for unlimited zip lining and use of the rest of the facility, including a $5 arcade game card.

“It’s been phenomenal,” General Manager James Musarra said about the turnout. “The college night is building quite a bit; we’re getting more and more kids. We’ve had 15 or 20 different colleges anywhere from Youngstown to Erie, down to Ohio State coming in. We’re doing really well.”

He said for everyone to bring your friends and to have a good time.

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