News on the Go: Jan. 24, 2014

Emily Mills

Peace talks in Ukraine have led to a tentative truce Thursday between the government and opposition forces.  Opposition leader Oleh Tyahnybok urged protestors to cease violent demonstrations across the country, but the demonstrators appeared unwilling to comply, chanting “revolution” and “shame” as he spoke.

Virginia’s Attorney General Mark R. Herring said Thursday he will fight to get the state’s ban on same-sex marriage struck down. The Democrat is one of the few voices from the Southern state calling for a change to the ban.

Agovernment review panel ruled Thursday that the National Security Agency’s collection of millions of Americans’ phone records is illegal and recommended President Barack Obama end the program and delete the records the agency has collected. However, Obama said he is unwilling to accept these recommendations.

Pop star Justin Bieber is out on a $2,500 bond Thursday after being charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. Police pulled Bieber over early Thursday morning after observing him street racing in Miami Beach.

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