Presidential contract gives Warren $450,000, house and car

Jimmy Miller

When Beverly Warren takes over as president of Kent State in July, she will be entitled to the presidential house, a car, 30 days paid vacation and a base salary of $450,000 — more than $40,000 more than her predecessor, outgoing president Lester Lefton.

On Jan. 8, Warren signed a three-year contract with opportunities for bonuses and benefits. As president, according to the contract, Warren will be required to “devote her full-time, attention and energies to the leadership, superintendence and improvement of Kent State University.”

She will collaborate with the Board of Trustees in carrying out her duties, which include fundraising, student and faculty recruitment, budget formulation and supervising employees at all eight campuses.

Warren is eligible to earn an additional $75,000 per year in bonuses as incentives for quality performance. For the past two years, Lefton has received a performance bonus of more than $100,000.

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Warren’s Contract (PDF)
Warren’s Contract (Text)

Lefton was also awarded a $100,000 longevity bonus, according to his current contract. If he did not retire, the bonus would have risen $10,000 per year. Warren does not currently have a longevity bonus.

Each month, the university will provide Warren $1,500 in automobile allowances. She will be responsible for operating costs of a U.S. manufactured vehicle, including maintenance, repairs and fuel costs.

With the hiring, the board will recommend Warren for appointment as a full-time professor with tenure in the College of Education, Health and Human Services.

Warren’s housing expenses as well as her relocation costs will be compensated by the university. She is set to receive 30 days of paid vacation.

She will be eligible to participate in all of the university’s benefit plans, such as eye care, dental insurance and medical and prescription drug insurance. Any expenses for medical examinations and tests not covered by insurance plans will be picked up by the university.

Kent State provides an additional term life insurance policy with a death benefit worth $900,000. Lefton’s contract allowed $700,000 that the university would pay.

Upon moving to Kent, Warren is required to live in housing provided by the university at 1501 Elizabeth Court. Her contract states she will work with the board in deciding what furnishings the university will provide and which she will bring.

In return, the president must “entertain university guests and host university meetings as appropriate and convenient,” according to the contract. A budget is yet to be determined for redecoration and renovation by the university.

The university will also pay for all of Warren’s travel from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she serves as Provost, to Kent State. Once she becomes president, Kent State will pay her travel on a cost reimbursement basis through the university’s budget.

The Board of Trustees will decide, based on her quality of work over the course of a year, whether Warren is subject to any salary increases. The board will judge her performance based on her list of proposed goals and objectives for each academic year, as well as a self-evaluation submitted by May 1.

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