Local homeless shelter seeking volunteers during extreme winter weather

Chrissy Suttles

The Center of Hope, a homeless shelter and food bank in Ravenna, is looking for volunteers to work shifts during the shelter’s most demanding time. The shelter is staying open 24 hours until Thursday morning in an attempt to give those in need of a safe, warm place to stay while temperatures remain below freezing.

Ann Marie Mann-Noble, director of emergency outreach for the center, said they would only have enough volunteers through Monday night, after which they’ll be at a shortage of help. Volunteers would perform general labor and keep watch to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact The Center of Hope at:

1034 W Main St Ravenna, OH 44266 
(330) 297-5454

“It would be shift work with two individuals per shift, and basically, they would just be sitting, minding the [shelter],” Mann-Noble said.

The center has had between three and five people who have stayed overnight for various reasons, including power outages and homelessness. The shelter is not exclusive to those without a home but to anyone without a warm place to go, Mann-Noble said.  

“I don’t think it’s the numbers that are important; I think what’s important is that we’re going to provide the service if there’s a need,” she said. “We have no idea if somebody’s pipes are going to break or their heat is going to go out.”

Anyone over the age of 21 without a criminal record is eligible to sign up for a shift. Shifts can be for any amount of time from 4 p.m. Wednesday night to 8 a.m.Thursday morning. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact The Center of Hope at (330) 297-5454.

Contact Chrissy Suttles at [email protected].