News on the go: Jan. 14, 2014

Taylor Williams

Parts of West Virginia lift a tap water ban after 300,000 people were not allowed to drink, wash or cook with the water due to a chemical spill near Elk River. The chemicals were not considered hazardous enough for a routine inspection.

President Barack Obama’s federal health care website is now running and overhaul is raising costs as mostly older, sicker people are signing up for the services offered.

While Gov. Chris Christie’s second term and chances at the 2016 presidential run are threatened, New Jersey Democrats are deepening their investigation into the role politics played in last fall’s traffic jams. At the same time officials are looking into the $25 million Christie’ administration spent on promotion after Superstorm Sandy.

Allowing humanitarian aid into some blocked-off parts of the scarred Mideast country is on aspect that Syria’s government and its main opposition group looking to overthrow it agrees upon as a necessary ingredient to peace.

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