Quiet hours enforced during finals week to ensure student success

Rachel Purget

Residence services will do its best to help students do their best during finals week by implementing quiet study hours starting Friday, Dec. 6 at 8 p.m. Resident assistants for the halls will also host group study sessions and stress relief sessions. They will also make food available late in the evenings to help students during the final stretch.

Jill Church, director of residence services, said she makes helping students her main priority.

“The halls will be quiet from Friday to Sunday, and even the construction that’s going on, they will leave and they are not allowed to work,” Church said.

“They are not allowed to do anything in the hall during that week.”

Student employees are also instructed to make fellow students adhere to residence hall policies aimed at making sure everyone succeeds during finals.

Akanksha Singh, junior finance major, is a student desk receptionist at Tri Towers. She said she plans to strcitly enforce the policies.

“We enforce their noise policies, so if anyone is having trouble because someone is being noisy during finals week, we call security and make sure no one is violating that,” Singh said. “We coordinate between the RAs and the RHDs and other departments.”

Tutoring has been available throughout the semester, but the residence halls make an extra push after midterms and before finals to help prepare students.

Marianne Warzinski, academic program director in the College of Communication and Information, is in charge of helping students that are part of the CCI.

“With finals, usually we’ll make sure that (students) know when the study groups are, and we usually give them study tips,” Warzinksi said. “It’s hard helping them with studying; it’s one of those tricky things. We make a lot available to them, but it’s hard because with studying, you can set up as much as you can, but it’s really up to the student to kind of drive it.”

The extra initiatives and quiet hours will last until residence hall checkout on Dec. 13.

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