Free car clinic to ready commuters for winter driving

Julie Myers

The Commuter and Off-Campus Student Organization recruited Flynn’s Tire & Auto for the Car Winterization Clinic, a free event for commuter students at Kent State to get their cars checked for general maintenance.

Kevin Heller, executive director for COSO, said there will be 10 to 12 parking spots available for the annual event Tuesday from 1 – 4 p.m. in the commuter lot next to the Michael Schwartz Center.

Heller attributed the event to a busy college lifestyle and, generally, a lack of knowledge about cars.

“Most of them don’t keep up with their cars or check with them because they’re so busy with class,” Heller said. “They don’t really know how much fluid they’re supposed to have in their cars, when they should get their brakes checked, when they should get their oil changed or how to change their oil — just those basic car maintenance issues that students don’t really know how to do.”

Heller and a representative from Flynn’s Tire said it’s important to hold the event before winter break to avoid problems before they occur.

Three of Flynn’s employees will be doing the general maintenance check-ups. An employee said they will be checking the tire’s general condition, looking at batteries, etc. He said they will also be giving out free washer fluid.

The Flynn’s Tire employees will be there to answer any questions or concerns about the students’ cars.

Heller said COSO lined up refreshments to be served (donated by local businesses). He said there will be a raffle, which will include gift cards from local gas stations, grocery stores and fast-food restaurants. Participating students will be entered into the raffle.

“I think that the Winterization Clinic will help commuter students get to know COSO and get to know that this a place that they can come in and say, ‘Hey, I don’t know where to get my commuter exemption form.’ But also a sense that the university does care about them and their safety and that they’re getting their car looked at for free because it’s not cheap,” Heller said.

“The students on campus are welcome to come too, because they have cars, as well,” Heller said. “We just gear it toward commuter students because it’s more viable that way, but we do welcome resident students to come in and get things checked out.”

Heller said COSO officers hope this event will keep going each fall semester.

Heller encourages commuter students to stop into the COSO office if they have questions about living in off-campus housing, getting involved or filling out necessary forms.

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