Voters approve Buffalo Wild Wings liquor license

Kelli Fitzpatrick

A local precinct vote approved a proposal to grant Buffalo Wild Wings a permit to sell liquor on Sundays. 69 of 93 votes from precinct 5A voted yes, passing the issue with 74.19 percent.

Mark Movens, Buffalo Wild Wings manager, said the license should help restaurant business.

“I’m sure that will bring great joy to the fans and loyal customers that like to come in on Sundays and watch NFL,” Movens said. “That’s the best part. I’m excited.”

Before Tuesday’s election, Buffalo Wild Wings owner Matthew Pipoly said his business was trying to regain a permit it had before relocating from Franklin Avenue to its current East Main Street location.

Pipoly said he was notified in early August that his restaurant no longer had the necessary permit after moving in April, so he and helpers collected more than 100 signatures to appear on the ballot.

“It was a big rush,” he said. “People were very receptive. For the most part, people are like, ‘Heck yeah, why not?’ ”

A local precinct vote is required to obtain a permit for Sunday sales of liquor, said Matt Mullins, public information officer for the Ohio Division of Liquor Control.

Under Ohio law, no mixed beverages or liquor may be sold on Sunday without the necessary permit.

The permit will be effective Jan. 1, 2014.

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