Letter to the Editor: A great man

Paula Hill

All of us at the Kent State Student Center are devastated at the sudden death of John Goehler, senior associate director and head chef of Dining Services.

John was such a loyal, hardworking employee and did such an outstanding job with food service, parties and events.

He was a teacher, mentor and friend to so many students, teaching them the art of ice carving, cooking, baking and so many other things. John was truly an excellent boss and instructor and dearly loved all of his students and employees.

John’s spirit, laughter, sparkle, kindness and big heart were such an asset to Dining Services and the Student Center.

John did so much charity work for many different groups, was always there when needed and was so willing to be helpful in any way he could.

He was a devoted manager, a true and loyal friend and an excellent father. All of us carry dear, fond and special memories in our hearts and souls of this very special man.

Thank you, John, for giving us the honor of working with you; you leave us with many wonderful memories and one of the most amazing friendships that we will cherish now and forever.

You will never be forgotten.

Paula Hill is a retiree from the Student Center, 2009.