School of Library and Information Science introduces study abroad course

Taylor Rollins

The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) announced Friday it is planning a new study abroad course, beginning Summer 2014 in Denmark.

The school hosted an International Children’s Literature and Librarianship lecture presented by School of Library and Information Science assistant professor Marianne Martens to discuss the hybrid course currently in development. The talk was presented in conjunction with the university’s International Education Week.

“One of my special interests is International Children’s Literature, and I’m in the process of developing a hybrid course on this topic for Summer 2014,” Martens said. “As part of the course, we will use Denmark as a case-study for comparison and will spend 12 days in Denmark.”

Martens talked about the history of publishing children’s books and librarianship in the United States, political influences on the literature’s publishing and the challenges of bringing international books to the U.S.

Martens discussed recently published international books from around the world and wrapped up her lecture with her outline for the new upper-level course.

“While the course is intended for graduate students, select undergrads would be able to apply as well,” Martens said.

Martens said the course would be of interest to anyone interested in cross-cultural exchanges via children’s literature, social and cultural histories of children’s literature and in studying abroad.

For more information about this study abroad program, contact the School of Library and Information Science

—Taylor Rollins