Winter words of wisdom

Tyler Singleton

As the first large winter storm of the year barrels toward Northeast Ohio just in time for Thanksgiving recess at Kent State, there are some important things to keep in mind. Anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of snow will arrive Tuesday afternoon and linger into the evening and early Wednesday morning according to the WKYC Weather Team. The snow will arrive just as Kent State students begin their trek home for the holiday and away from academia. Here are a few things to consider as the winter weather arrives in full force.


  • Take your time. Defensive driving techniques mean more than ever as you share the road with experienced and inexperienced winter drivers.
  • Double the planned time for your commute. This will ensure you will arrive on time even if you face delays and slow moving traffic.
  • Keep your head up and ears open. There are numerous ways to follow extreme winter weather as it unfolds ranging from your favorite weather app or website to the radio.


  • Take to the road with snow covering your vehicle. Take the time to brush off your car to avoid any kind of visual obstruction due to snow. This will also avoid snow flying off your vehicle at high speeds and affecting other motorists.
  • Hesitate to reschedule plans. As many students head home for the holiday, they will certainly have plans with family and friends. If the roads, especially the main ones, are covered, consider moving those plans.
  • Leave the house unprepared, especially on commutes over 30 minutes. Some necessities: winter outerwear in case of an emergency (a hat takes precedent over all other), kitty litter or cardboard for traction if your vehicle gets stuck and a roadside emergency kit which includes flairs or a roadside sign to inform other motorists if you go off road or need to stop and wait for the snow to subside.

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