News on the go: Oct. 15, 2013

Carrie Blazina

The rollout of health insurance marketplaces this month has business potential for brokers and agents, but the Associated Press reports that misleading, unofficial websites are popping up that are confusing customers in several states. Many false domain names are being registered for websites that are sometimes are better organized and more understandable than the real state websites. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners also reported that some people are receiving unsolicited scam phone calls to help them enroll in health insurance. Read full story.

A man with a knife was stopped Monday outside Buckingham Palace in London after he tried to dart through a palace gate. Officials charged David Belmar, 44, with trespassing and possession of an offensive weapon, and he will appear in court Tuesday. The palace said Queen Elizabeth II was not in residence at the palace Monday, and the suspect was caught almost immediately.

Three U.S. economists won the Nobel Prize in economics Monday, the last of the award to be announced. The economists’ work was related to their sometimes-contradictory insights into the complexities of investing, and they specifically were honored for explaining the forces that move stock, bond and home prices. Winners Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen work at the University of Chicago, and winner Robert Shiller works at Yale University.

Syrian gunmen released four of the seven aid workers Monday who had been kidnapped in rebel territory Sunday. The other three workers’ fate remained unclear, the Red Cross said. In a town about two dozen miles away, a car bomb went off Monday that killed at least 15 people, but different groups had different death tolls listed. No one had claimed or been identified as a suspect in the blast, which set cars on fire in an area crowded with people shopping for a Muslim holiday.

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