News on the go: Oct. 8, 2013

Carrie Blazina

The White House said Monday it would accept a brief extension in borrowing authority that would come from Senate legislation to be introduced by mid-week. As the shutdown continues, the United States is lurching closer to a default on its credit. A vote might not come until the middle of next week depending on how Republicans respond, but the U.S. won’t default on its credit until Oct. 17.

Three researchers won the Nobel Prize in medicine Monday for their work on how tiny bubbles, called vesicles, within cells help transport substances to the right place at the right time. Yale University’s James Rothman, University of California, Berkeley’s Randy Schekman and Stanford University’s Thomas Studhof will share the $1.2 million prize. Their research has already helped doctors diagnose some diseases in children and aided research into the brain and neurological diseases. Read the full story here.

Mexican event organizers and government officials said Monday the driver of a monster truck that crashed into a crowd of spectators Sunday was at fault in the accident. But motor-sports experts said the show’s setup was dangerous to begin with — there were no barriers between the crowd and the event. Videos of the event showed the truck jumped over cars and then bounced into the crowd, killing eight and injuring dozens.

A Cleveland man was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison for plotting to blow up a highway bridge near Cleveland. Joshua Stafford, 25, was convicted in June of two counts of using weapons of mass destruction and one count of using explosive materials. The government painted Stafford and two co-defendants, who were already sentenced for six to 11 1/2 years, as anarchists who acted out of anger against the government. Read the full story here.

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