Staul returns to College Democrats after Green steps down

Megan Brown

Bryan Staul, former president of the Kent State College Democrats, returned to the position Monday after Jake Green resigned.

Green will serve as communications director, the position he had for a half a year before becoming president. Communications director Rachel Moore will now serve as historian.

Green said in a statement that he could not give all his effort to the presidency because of how deep he found himself into what he said was the most challenging semester of his college career.

“I spent half a year as Communications Director and after Executive Board assurance, decided that my skills are best suited there. My year as president was extremely fulfilling, and our organization moved forward, but I know that the College Democrats are going to continue with great strides towards strength,” Green said in a news release.

“He’ll still be directly working on our organization’s programs and policies. His decision shows he wanted to put this organization ahead of himself,” Staul said.

“Our last president, Bryan, had a great term, and I’m excited for him to take over again,” Green said in a news release.

Staul served two terms as president of Kent State’s College Democrats during 2011-2012.

“Well, I suppose I’m an old warhorse in this organization,” Staul said. He learned a lot in terms of education in leading the organization in his previous terms and believes it will be easier this time around.

As president, Staul plans to bring the organization back to its basics that have made them so successful in the past.

“We need to treat our members and the campus at large for what they are: intelligent and educated young Americans,” Staul said. “So you can expect to see us discussing policies and how they will affect Joe or Jane student. We’ll also be working to draw contrast between our ideas and the very anti-student ideas of the GOP. In a nutshell, I want to offer KSU students a new deal.”

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