Survey results about presidential search point to Diacon as primary hopeful

Surveyed respondents said theyd like to see these qualifications and characteristics in Kent States next president.

Surveyed respondents said they’d like to see these qualifications and characteristics in Kent State’s next president.

Madeleine Winer

Kent State’s presidential search committee garnered 74 responses more than two months since launching its online survey. Students consisted of 28 percent of responses while faculty and staff made up 32 percent and 34 percent of the results respectively.

The search committee launched the 5-question survey on its website in August asking for student feedback about what they would like to see in the next president as well as nominations for the position and challenges the next president would face.

Response to the Presidential search committee’s online survey

Staff: 25 responses (34%)

Faculty: 23 responses (31 %)

Students: 21 responses (28%)

Alumni: 18 responses (24%)

Other: 3 responses (4%)

Six out of 41 responses said they would recommend Kent State Provost Todd Diacon for the position.

Respondents said they want a leader who would increase research funding and be business savvy. Many would also like to see a student-focused and academically-minded leader with experience in a higher education and a multi-campus system, which echoes the committee’s advertisements for the position.

“Someone that students can connect to that seems somewhat (within reason) approachable, someone who is genuine and truly understands the student experience and the needs out students have. This person also needs to be a scholar and fundraiser.”

“Some who values teaching quality as much as being financially savvy.”

“Someone who treats faculty respectfully. Someone who already has experince at a high administrative level someone who could lead fundraising initiatives.”

“It is critical that the next president have experience with a regional campus system that is similar to the KSU system.”

A visionary and champion for research and wuality. a leader with focus on quality education and research that makes significant impact to the society and economy…A leader who can envision, empower and execute the strategic mission of the university.”

Respondents said some of the challenges for the next president will be keeping tuition low and maintaining research funding despite decreased state funding. They also cited building tighter bonds between the students and faculty and keeping up the growth President Lester Lefton has established.”

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