Celebrate the Arts at Thursday’s fiesta

Marcus Donaldson

The College of the Arts and the Latino Networking Caucus teamed up to present the Fall For the Arts FIESTA 2013 on Thursday, Sept. 26 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Risman Plaza.

Fall for the Arts is the college’s way of giving back to students for participating in the “Fee for Free,” a $15 student arts fee paid by all students that allows free admission to all campus arts events, said Effie Tsengas, director of communications and marketing for the College of the Arts.

“The dean, Dr. John Crawford, decided he wanted to give back to the students because they are giving money, so he wanted to give back,” Tsengas said. “So, he started this annual fall event.”

The campus-wide event will have free food, Hispanic drumming presentation and live bands. ArtOfficial, a Miami-based group, will headline the event at 7 p.m.