Apple hopes to cut into Android market with iPhone 5C

Taylor Williams

Apple executives plan to debut the newest iPhone in their line of smart phones that is said to rival Android phones thanks to a new, cheaper plastic design model.

However, Kent State’s Apple product professional Marshall White does not think Apple will be able to make a dent in the Android market.

“I don’t think they will be able to compete with Android phones,” White said. “Apple products are known for their reliability and toughness and making a phone out of plastic will not keep that [reputation].”

The Internet is buzzing with a supposed release date of September 20th for the new phone, and as Adam Mills reported to phone reviewer Gotta Be Mobile, the new model is said to replace either the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

Similar to previous iPhones, Mills said the 5C would come with a 4-inch Retina Display, lightning port and the most updated version of a camera.

Long-time Apple customers, including sophomore interpersonal communication major Caroline Nigro, are skeptical of the cheaper model.

“Apple has never made anything cheap, so this seems kind of weird to me,” said Nigro, who has been an Apple customer for more than six years.

Unlike previous iPhones, this phone is expected to arrive in numerous colors including white, red, blue, green and yellow, according to the Apple website. Not only are the colors new, the phone will come equipped with the new iOS 7 system update.

White said he thinks the software will be easy to navigate for both beginner and veteran Apple users.

“The new iOS 7 looks smooth,” White said, “and I think Apple is working hard to make their products more modern.”

Keeping veteran customers

Apple recently updated its trade-in program allowing customers to recycle older iPhone models in the store with the expectation of a $120-$150 store credit to be put toward a new iPhone.

White said he believes the new program is an effort at maintaining customers with all of the competition now coming from the Android market.

However, White still said he thinks “the trade-in program seems cool” and is a good way for Apple to reestablish itself in the smart phone market.

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