Phi Iota Alpha: a Hispanic fraternity

Taylor Williams

Growing up, Kent State student John Camargo, who is half Puerto Rican and half Cuban, spent most of his time around Puerto Rican family members and has been influenced heavily by the Latino culture.

“To me, the most important part about Hispanic Heritage month is respecting all the rich and different cultures that the Latinos have,” said Camargo, vice president of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc.

As a Latino student, Camargo said he tries to reach out to other students of Latino descent and help them with whatever they need.

Being part of a fraternity, Camargo believes with the help of his brothers, he can change the way people view Latinos.

Even though the fraternity has only been on Kent’s campus since fall 2012, they instill in their members a global Latino perspective “by building on the spirit and traditions of Pan-Americanism”, according to the fraternity’s Facebook page.

“We have an annual dancing event called Bailando en la Noche,” Camargo said. The fraternity hosts the event on Oct. 1 and includes gifts for the women who attend.

The members of Phi Iota Alpha make a commitment to the Latin American culture that involves intellectual development, cultural consciousness, personal growth, personal achievement and social awareness, Camargo said.

“There is so much to each Latino culture, and each one has its own history making each culture its own,” Camargo said.

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