Kent State Student? We’ve got an app for that

Rebecca Reis

This generation is glued to their gadgets!” Sound familiar? This sentiment (a cheap shot, if there ever was one) doesn’t have to carry a negative connotation. There’s a wealth of apps that can help you through school, but here’s a few of our favorite free apps for Apple and Android.


While college is a time to explore your newfound independence, we wouldn’t advise squandering all of your financial aid money on Taco Tonto’s and tattoos. Mint connects to your bank accounts and investments, but most importantly, it has a budget tool that shows how much you’re spending on things like gas, entertainment and food. It requires minimal effort — a charge to your bank account for Netflix, for example, automatically registers as entertainment.

Black Squirrel Radio

There was a dark time in students’ lives when they could only listen to Black Squirrel Radio (BSR) on a computer. With the BSR app, which was released last year, you can listen to your favorite Kent State radio shows in the Student Center, on the PARTA bus or even in class (but don’t do that). Don’t remember when your favorite show airs? No problem: The BSR app also has the full programing schedule.


So you’re going to study for a test with your friends at the library, and they ask you to bring all of your notes. Depending on the kind of note-taker you are, this could include not only handwritten or typed notes, but illustrations, handouts and recorded lectures, not to mention the websites your instructor recommended on Blackboard.

Instead of rolling a veritable shopping cart of resources to the library, consider using Evernote. This powerful app allows you to type notes on your devices while embedding audio, bookmarks and photos. You can sort notes by folder, tags and location, too.

Google Drive

Look, you already get a Drive account with your Kent email. Do yourself a favor and download the Drive app on all of your devices (computer, tablet and smartphone) so you’ll always have your documents at your fingertips. Drive is also great for group projects — you can share documents with others and edit them without having to meet in person.


Why waste money at the bar when you can become a bartender in your own home?

Mixology has nearly 8,000 drink recipes to try out at home, as well as bartending techniques and advice to make you look like an expert. The “Liquor Cabinet” option let’s you put in the ingredients you already have and gives you a list of recipes to try. And if you still feel like going out, Mixology also has a bar and liquor store locator.


For obvious reasons. (KentWired is the digital hub of the Daily Kent Stater and TV2.) Let us be your first choice for campus news and goings-on.


The “Freshman 15” isn’t just a tired cliché — it’s a warning from college students past.

You can watch your weight with MyFitnessPal, which features an expansive food database and barcode scanner to track your calories and see where those calories are coming from. Other apps, like the Runtastic Pedometer app, can be linked to MyFitnessPal to count the calories burned at the Rec and add them to your net calories for the day. And it’s not just for people wanting to shed pounds; MyFitnessPal also has calorie plans for those wanting to maintain or gain weight.

KSU Mobile

The KSU Mobile App is just downright useful. Use the KSU Mobile App to check your class schedule, grades and FlashCash balance. It also has a map of campus, campus news and athletics schedule, as well as a plethora of university resources. If you can’t remember your banner ID, for example, this app has it conveniently listed under the Me @ KSU tab.

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