Ohio Music Shop showcases local talent in online show

Kathleen Shevlin

Each week, a new band walks onstage at the Ohio Music Shop and entertains viewers from around the world for one hour.

“Unheard Scene” is a local music show broadcasted live from the shop from 6 to 7 p.m. each Tuesday, available online at Ustream.tv.

Paul Hess, co-owner of the Ohio Music Shop, said the purpose of the show is to grant local bands and musicians the opportunity to gain exposure and have their talents recognized.

“We do this because we’re all old musicians; we’ve all played around, we’ve all toured — most of us at least,” Hess said. “It’s just something nice to give back, and it gives them a stepping stone to start.”

Anthony Petrone, co-founder of “Unheard Scene,” said the show’s concept is to get to know and hear local bands. He wants people to decide what they like despite what record labels say.

“In my opinion, Northeast Ohio is one of the greatest hotbeds of music,” Anthony said. “I can go to any bar here in Kent on a Friday or Saturday night and find something equally as good to what’s playing on the radio, if not better.”

Anthony, who co-hosts alongside his brother and co-founder Matt Petrone, said he spends about 30 minutes interviewing each band and lets them play two or three songs.

Although they’ve had several bands on their show who have made big steps in the music industry, Matt said he hasn’t had anything to do with it.

“It’s their music, it’s their words, it’s their sound and it’s their personalities up there on stage,” Matt said. “It’s all them; it’s not us.”

Taping of “Unheard Scene” is open to all ages and music genres. For more information, contact the Ohio Music Shop at (330) 673-4700 or visit http://unheardscene.com/listen/.


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