CCI offers 1000 for Florence, Fall 2013

Alyssa Flynn

The College of Communication and Information is now offering an extra $1,000 to students who apply to the Florence program for Fall 2013.

To provide more information about the Florence program, CCI held informational meetings April 16 and 17. Students listened to past experiences of those who have already gone to Florence. Marissa Decker, senior advertising major, went to Florence during Fall 2011.

“[I] became much more independent; I became more confident,” Decker said. “I wish I could go back.”

Deborah Davis, the study aboard coordinator in CCI, said the extra $1,000 is used as an incentive to get more students to apply for the fall semester.

Students who knew they would be going to Florence said the extra $1,000 was a bonus.

Melissa Venditti, senior global communication major, knows she will be going to Florence in the fall and said the scholarship is a nice bonus.

The deadline to apply for the fall semester has been moved to May 15.

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