Donation drive to support domestic violence victim

Heather Kunkle

Kent State University officials are hosting a Domestic Violence Donation Drive that will run until Friday, May 3.

The drive began on April 2 and is co-sponsored by Sociologists for Women in Society, Alpha Kappa Delta and Kent State Graduate Student Senate.

“This seemed like the perfect opportunity to join forces with the local Sociologists for Women in Society chapter and collaborate to give rights to this event,” said Lindsey Westermann Ayers, vice chairman of the Graduate Student Senate.

Although this is the third time Kent has held a donation drive for victims of domestic violence, it is the first time the drive will be in a combined effort with the University of Akron. The drive is a part of a larger initiative from the National Sociologists for Women in Society for which local chapters are conducting donation drives across the country.

Tiffany Taylor, assistant sociology professor and adviser of Sociologists for Women in Society’s Kent State chapter, said the group had high hopes for the donation drive.

“We made it a bid of a friendly competition for bragging rights because what we really want to do is get more donations than the other organizations — especially since they are huge, and we are just a small chapter,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the donations were only focused on two to three shelters in the past. This year, the drive is looking to help as many shelters in Northeast Ohio as they can. She said they plan to spread out the donations as much as possible.

“Some of the far out, more rural places tend to be the hardest hit from funding cuts and have fewer resources in their local area,” Taylor said.

Donation boxes are spread out throughout the university in the different department offices. Some boxes can even be found in the dorms and several locations off campus.

“I’m starting to lose track of where all of the boxes are,” Taylor said. “There are so many that keep popping up places.”

Shelters are looking for donations for women and children that include warm socks, slippers, underwear (new, in package), pajamas and seasonal clothing.

New, packaged personal care items are also encouraged, such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body lotion, body wash, hairbrushes, combs, hair gel, spray, diapers, wipes and sanitary supplies.

Kara Whaley, vice president of Kent State’s Sociologists for Women in Society chapter, said it is very easy to make a difference.

“We have such a large campus with tons of resources,” Whaley said. “I feel really compelled that we should all be aware of the things … that happen in our community, we just don’t see them or are even taught to be aware of them.”

Taylor said she has been interested in supporting domestic violence for a long time. By having the donation drive, she said she hopes to raise awareness in addition to helping out the shelters.

“It’s so easy to give a donation and feel good about yourself knowing that you did something to help someone in need,” Taylor said.

If you are interested in getting involved or have questions about donating, Contact Tiffany Taylor at [email protected].

Contact Heather Kunkle at [email protected].