Chinese students study American journalism

In the last decade, the number of Chinese students studying in America has tripled. In 2007 there were ten thousand Chinese students enrolled in U.S. schools. The next year, that figure jumped about seventeen thousand and by 2012, close to sixty-thousand Chinese students traveled to America to attend U.S. schools. At Kent State University, in 2007, there were a mere 100 Chinese students on campus, now, there are currently 883 students here. A select few are working toward Matter’s degrees in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Every day these students are busy studying the foundation of freedom of speech and expression, but in their homeland no free press exists. Why do these students come half way around the world to learn skills they may never fully get to use? And what tools are they learning here that could shift media control away from the Chinese government, and into the hands of the people?


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