Kent Students Direct Pieces for Student Theatre Festival



Students rehearse “D.A.S.G.S.S.V.O.T”, a short play written and directed by C.C Ziegler, on Thursday April 10 in the Music and Speech building to prepare for their performance in the Student Film Festival. Photo by Melanie Nesteruk.

Caitlin Potts

Humorous and light-hearted, somber and serious, the Student Theatre Festival will take audience members through a range of emotions.

The event will feature short pieces, directed and compiled by three students, and will take place in the EZ Black Box Theatre.

Chase Ziegler, senior theatre studies major, wrote the two pieces he will direct in the show. The first the audience will see is a solo piece titled “Letters from a Friend.”

“It’s about reading letters from a person who just died,” Ziegler said.

The second piece is titled “Dr. Albert Snorkle’s Guide to Social Success and Various Other Topics.” Ziegler said the name of the title popped into his head while he was helping out at his grandmother’s house. He wrote the show based on the title.

Ziegler described it as a quirky presentation of a character’s self-help book.

“I want to break their hearts [with my first piece],” Ziegler joked. “ I want them to be put under a semi-truck and just run over. But then I want them to laugh at the second one and think it’s funny.”

Anna ModicBradley, senior theatre studies major, also wrote a piece she will direct titled “Twice Upon A Stage.” The piece is approximately 20 minutes long and includes five student actors.

ModicBradley described her piece as “unconventional turned inside out.”

“I haven’t had experience directing so far in my life,” ModicBradley said. “I thought now is the time to explore my options, while I’m in school and in a controlled environment with the tools.”

Zach Griffin, junior communication studies major, is also taking a turn directing. He acted in the Student Theatre Festival last year.

“There’s less pressure now than with acting,” Griffin laughed. “You’re kind of like, ‘Well, I did what I could.’”

Griffin will direct two pieces for the festival titled “Hotline” and “The Story of My Pekinese.”

“Hotline” was written by comedian Demetri Martin in his New York Times bestseller, “This Is a Book.”

“It’s about a guy who’s at a party, and he’s failing at socializing,” Griffin said. “He calls an awkward and lonely public hotline to talk him through the party.”

Griffin said “The Story of My Pekinese” is more serious. It is a monologue from Mark Z. Danielewski’s debut novel “House of Leaves.”

“It’s a guy who meets a girl, and then they find a dog together,” Griffin said. “Later on, it takes a sharp turn.”

Griffin describes the piece as “dark, introspective, ironic, humorous and enthralling.”

Ziegler said all the pieces are unique but blend together well.

“This is all new stuff you wouldn’t normally see,” Ziegler said. “Who knows? Maybe one of us will be famous one day, and you’ll say, ‘Hey! I saw one of their first shows!’”

The Student Theatre Festival will be held April 12 and 13 at 8 p.m. and April 14 at 2 p.m in the Music and Speech Center. Admission is free to students.

The festival is held annually during the spring semester.

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