Humans battle Zombies on campus

Brian Smith

A herd of zombies invaded campus last Wednesday. They were clearly visible with their neon orange headbands as they slowly walked from class to class. They were looking for unsuspecting humans who were only armed with Nerf guns and their own luck.

But alas the herd of zombies came to battle the remaining humans on the student green on Monday April 29, and sadly for the surviving humans the zombies won the battle.

This weekend was the first ‘Human vs. Zombie’ event on campus; about 300 people participated in various missions around campus in a mock war between the living and the living dead.

Matt Trayers, an entrepreneurship major, created the event after viewing other human vs. zombies events on internet videos over winter break. Trayers said that the event was very successful and that he looks forward to seeing the event take place this fall.

“Everybody played by the rules and we didn’t have to kick out a single player out,” Trayers said.

So many people picked up various Nerf weapons for the event that many local big box stores were completely wiped out of the foam darts before the battle had began.

I got a picture via text message the night before the event and the store was wiped clean Trayers said. He said that he went to the Wal-Mart in Cuyahoga Falls and they had hardly anything left.

“It’s a good time and people should play next year,” said Curtis Wiener an applied technologies major, who wore a cowboy hat in honor to one of the characters on ‘The Walking Dead’.

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