PRIDE! Kent’s executive board gets better acquainted with its members

Kelsey Leyva

The executive board and members of PRIDE! Kent built camaraderie Thursday night at “Social with the 2013-2014 Executive Board.”

The purpose of the social was for the new executive board to get a better idea of what its current members would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. To get people moving around the room, the new executive board officers stood in opposite corners of the room and conducted personalized activities to interact with the members.

Amelia Skidmore, sophomore psychology major and 2013-2014 allies chair, chose to cut out hand shapes and have members write down any suggestions or ally related information on the hand.

“Eventually I’m going to staple them together and keep them, and if I ever kind of hit a bump in the road I can look back at them,” she said.

Brandon Stephens, sophomore criminology and justice studies major and 2013-2014 president, said that he used this event to get an idea of what it’s going to be like to be president next year.

“I have some questions of my own and I’m walking around to the different groups and asking them,” he said. “As president, I kind of have to oversee everything.”

Kori Gaul, freshman engineering technology major, said that events like this show that the executive board cares about its members.

“I’ve honestly gone to the board when I’ve had a personal problem, and they’ve helped me with it,” she said.

Stephens said that PRIDE! Kent strives to build relationships among member in the club.

“PRIDE! Always tries to foster a sense of family in our members and everybody knowing the executive board is extremely important,” he said. “And when our executive board members know the members, we will know better how to plan and what sort of events to do and how to please the most people possible.”

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