KSU has dorms open for spring break housing

Helen Steward

As spring break quickly approaches, so does the question of where students can stay on campus over break.

Daniel Shonk, assistant director for assignments and marketing with Residence Services, said the following residence halls will be used during this year’s spring break to house students:




Centennial Court C




“The halls that we use for spring break housing are selected because they are buildings where single rooms are offered,” Shonk said.

Shonk said the reason students only have a limited choice of buildings to stay in during break is because they only hire enough resident assistant staff to staff the provided number of buildings for the week. He said that Residence Services hopes that students who know they will need to stay on campus over break will plan ahead this week and select housing in one of those buildings.

“We have approximately 60 vacant rooms where students not currently living in a break building could stay,” Shonk said. “And we had just over 100 residents stay for spring break last year.”

Students who already live in the residence halls that are used for spring break housing are welcome to stay in their current room. Shonk said they have never had an issue with spring break housing in the past, and he does not imagine it happening this year either.

“I thought about staying on campus over spring break so that I could work,” Steven Langdon, sophomore advertising major, said. “But it is just such a process to do the paperwork that I didn’t even mess with it.”

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