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The TV2 Sports Team shared their favorite thing to chant at a Sporting Event.

Ty Sugick (Thursday Web Sports Anchor)

Playoff time of the NBA nothing better than the MVP chant.. Gets anyone excited

Cris Ross (TV2 Sports Reporter)

The Browns: “Here We Go Brownies, Woof Woof, Here We Go Brownies, Woof Woof”. This chant represents the underdog and serves the loyal fans as motivation. “Here We Go” chants around sports serve as an ignorant.

Zach Harley (Monday Flashcast Sports Anchor)

Best thing to chant? This is our house! Easily the best. Reason: the other fans can’t argue it, shuts them up completely and it’s pure awesomeness.

Jacob Corcoran (Sports Corner Anchor)

Gotta go with “Air-ball”. There is no chant that is more universally effective as the good old air ball chant. It is a no brainer, everyone jumps in on the chant as soon as the opposing team lobs up a floater.

Jon Jankowski (Sports Director)

Nothing is better when chanting “Why So Quiet?” at the opposing student section when their team is losing to your favorite squad.

Andy Jardy (Friday Sports Anchor)

“OH!-IO!” is fun to chant at a Buckeyes game. Yell “OH”” anywhere in Columbus and someone will respond “IO!” anytime, anywhere.

Christian Petrila(Monday Web Sports Anchor)

Personally, I’m not a fan of chants; but the coolest chant to hear is an entire arena chant, “We want the Cup” during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Gives me chills every time. Being a Blue Jackets fan, though, I’ve only heard it once, and it was over very quickly.

Gabriel Kramer (Wednesday Sports Anchor)

SCORE-BOARD, SCORE-BOARD… It’s hard to talk trash when your team is losing.

Mike Drake (Friday Flashcast Sports)

When is comes to chants at a sporting event, I am definitely more of an old school person. I love the traditional “DEFENSE” chants as well as the good ole fashion “WE ARE…KENT STATE” chants. Why? Because they actually have a meaning to them. Don’t get me wrong here, I love it when fans get creative and think of clever things to say but chanting “You can’t do that” after a foul at a basketball game is just pointless. Obviously you can’t do that or else the ref wouldn’t have called it, thanks for informing me on the call that was already made. Now when an entire jam packed stadium starts chanting “WE ARE..KENT STATE” especially at a crucial moment in a game, you can’t help but feel proud about being a Kent State student. Then of course there is the classic “SCOREBOARD” chant. You want to know why you are chanting that? Because you have no real comeback to the opposing fans short of a few swear words and hand gestures. However, when it comes to a rivalry game, all bets are off.

Alison Reilly(Sports Reporter)

This is probably more for high school and college chanting when more fans from the other team are there, but the scoreboard chant has to be my favorite. Whether I’m saying it or listening to it, I think it’s funny and clever

Sean Barie(Tuesday Sports Anchor)

My favorite chant to scream at any kind of game, match, or meet is without a doubt…the “War Chant.” It’s just the best! Seeing thousands (or hundreds if you’re at a high school) of people creating a chopping motion with their arms and screaming that all too familiar scream just gets everyone riled up. I think I even saw a few Northern Illinois fans doing it at the Orange Bowl. But who can blame them? It’s contagious. I just wish I actually cheered for a team that would make sense to scream the war chant at a game.

The problem with the war chant is it’s way too overused. No longer is the war chant reserved to the teams that actually have Native American mascots, but I’ve seen local high school and college (Kent State) fans recreate FSU’s famous chant. That being said, since I go to Kent State, I’ll stick with “Screw the Roo” for now. I just ask that everyone do me this one favor. If your team does not have a Native American mascot (Indians, Fighting Sioux, Seminoles, Chippewas, FIghting Illini, etc.), Then knock it off! Leave the war chanting to the professionals!

Kyle Vertoch(Wednesday Flashcast Anchor)

The best thing to chant at a sporting event is “DEFENSE!” The vibe in the entire arena just goes absolutely crazy. Especially when chants are more relevant in a college game, the word “DEFENSE” gets the players motivated to have the crowd behind them. It makes the game more enjoyable to watch and play.

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