World Change Coalition to start on campus

Heather Kunkle

World Change Coalition, a charity organization, became official this semester and is looking to expand on campus.

“We want World Change Coalition to be big,” said Patrick Berg, sophomore biology major and chief human resources officer of the coalition. “Our goal is to start something and leave a lasting legacy here at Kent State. We want to be able to look back and see the difference we made.”

World Change Coalition goes beyond the traditional volunteer opportunities at Kent. The group’s service projects will include volunteering at local charities, fundraising for national organizations and hosting cultural awareness fairs on campus.

Megan Denman, sophomore integrated health studies major and chief executive officer of World Change Coalition, said she the original idea came from the people in Akron’s chapter. She then talked to her friends about the idea of World Change Coalition at Kent, and they helped her start it.

“I’ve always had the passion for volunteering,” Denman said. “I love the feeling you get from it.”

Denman said World Change Coalition was created in 2010 by a group of Coca-Cola Scholars. She said it is a nation-wide group that focuses on solving educational problems throughout the world. The organization works to bring together individuals of different race, sex and religion to implement service-oriented projects within their community and worldwide.

Denman said her ultimate goal for the group is to be a big organization and to make a big impact.

The group is different than a lot of other volunteer groups on campus. Matthew Shank, English lecturer and faculty advisor of Kent’s World Change Coalition, said the group doesn’t limit itself to one certain volunteer opportunity but is open to a variety of options.

“They are getting the ball rolling,” Shank said. “It’s really exciting. They have a lot of cool things planned.”

Berg said World Change Coalition is a good way to get involved on campus.

“It’s really rewarding to get out there and help people,” Berg said. “Nothing beats that sense of gratification when you get to see someone smile for helping them out.”

Alexandra Hoopes, junior biology major and chief administration officer of World Change Coalition, said there are 15 members in the group, and they are currently taking applications.

“We would like to see the group grow,” Hoopes said. “We want to volunteer places and help out as much as we can.”

Berg said anyone can apply to be in the group. He said the organization does have certain GPA and time availably requirements.

“We don’t want this to be a resume builder club,” Berg said. “We want people who will be active and want to participate and get out there and make a difference.”

The World Change Coalition is open to students, faculty and staff at Kent State University.

Heather Kunkle is the student life reporter for The Daily Kent Stater. Contact Heather Kunkle at [email protected].