Student design agency joins College of Communication and Information in Franklin Hall

Jessica Cobb Reporter

IdeaBase, a Kent State student-powered design agency, has a new home on the third floor of Franklin Hall this year, providing new opportunities for College of Communication and Information students.  

Students unfamiliar with IdeaBase can expect hands-on experience, real-life client collaboration and portfolio building in this new space.

As opposed to its old office in downtown Kent, joining the home of the School of Media and Journalism will allow the organization to extend its work to a broader audience of CCI students, said IdeaBase director Kristin Dowling. 

“Having a presence on campus is going to do a lot of things for IdeaBase. Not only can the students get more involved, but it will make us a part of the Franklin community and not seen as a separate entity,” said creative director, Joseph “Joyo” Young. 

IdeaBase allows students to work directly with clients, deliver proposals, manage projects and handle design production, according to its website

The organization has delivered work for several Kent State clients, such as a brochure for the CCI Commons, the annual report for Kent State athletics and a promotional video for dining services. 

Dowling wants the office relocation to be an opportunity for students in communication fields to get experience before they graduate. But, she said, if someone in an outside field is qualified, they can be included. 

Additionally, Young and Dowling are excited for the increased accessibility the organization can receive from being on campus, they said. 

As much as some students will miss the old building downtown, Dowling said, being on campus will allow them to reach more students with campus visits and access to on-campus resources.  

“What we wanted most was accessibility,” Young said. “A benefit to having IdeaBase off campus was having that different atmosphere. However, being on campus increases accessibility and the opportunity for IdeaBase to be a program intermixed within CCI.” 

The organization has functioned primarily as a place for student employment, but now, Dowling wants to use this on-campus environment to reach CCI professors interested in implementing real client collaboration in their courses. 

Additionally, she mentioned the possible creation of an IdeaBase course, where students could receive a multidisciplinary educational experience. 

“There is just so much opportunity in this new space,” Dowling said. “We’re finally getting to achieve the campus environment we wanted.”

She encourages students to visit her in the new Franklin Hall space any time. Interested students can find more information about employment opportunities here

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