Queering History: The Voices of Queer Womyn Writers

Kelsey Leyva

Kent State University’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Center is hosting “Queering History: The Voices of Queer Womyn Writers” at 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Multicultural Lounge of the Kent Student Center.

The event will be a staged reading of literary selections from queer women writers. Roxie Patton, program coordinator of the LGBTQ Center, has played an active role in the planning of this event.

“There’s a mixture of poetry, excerpts from short stories, [and] there’s even an excerpt from an autobiography,” Patton said. “It’s really just helping people hear about queer experiences through queer people’s voices.”

Patton said there was a large demand earlier in the year for the center to incorporate Women’s History Month into its educational sessions.

“This month, we wanted to tie in women’s history and help people realize that there are queer women throughout history and that they’ve done influential and powerful things,” Patton said. “And to help [people] realize that queer history is history; it’s part of every history month.”

For more information, contact Patton at 330-672-8580 or [email protected].

Contact Kelsey Leyva at [email protected].