News on the Go: Feb. 21, 2013

Maura Zurick

A new planet that’s about the size of the moon was discovered outside of our solar system. Astronomers who discovered the planet said it orbits too close to its sun-like star to support life. In the last 20 years of planet searching, 861 planets have been discovered.

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Microsoft Corp. and the New York Police Department have teamed up to develop high-tech security cameras and a system that can help find bombs and detect high radiation levels. The security technology has been in use for about a year and is called the Domain Awareness System. The system can also sort through arrest records, 911 calls and has a 3,000-camera surveillance.

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Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges that he accepted bribes in exchange for helping contractors secure work in the city. Nagin allegedly accepted more than $200,000 as well as free trips. A preliminary trial date was set for April 29. The charges against Nagin are a part of a City Hall corruption investigation that led to guilty pleas of two other city officials and two businessmen.

Vice President Biden and the parents of a student killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School will speak at a conference on gun violence Thursday at Western Connecticut State University where gunman Adam Lanza took classes. Biden plans to address the president’s gun-control proposals.

All information is from the Associated Press.

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