Latin Film Fest offers new cultural experiences to students

Emily Moran

The Kent State history department and the Institute of Applied Linguistics will present, “Discovering New Cinema from Latin America and Spain,” offering students an inside look at films from those regions.

Open and free to all students, this three-week film series will show five Spanish films. The first film, “Chico and Rita,” will be shown at 7:30pm Friday, March 1 in the Michael Schwartz Auditorium.

“It’s a chance to see great Spanish language films without having to leave campus,” Christopher Mellinger, graduate appointee for the Institute of Applied Linguistics, said.

Mellinger said there are not many opportunities to see such films in the U.S., and whenever there is a chance to see films directed and produced outside of the U.S., he tries to attend.

“I always like going to the films that are shown during this film series because each one shows a unique perspective on important issues faced in each country,” Mellinger said. “I always learn something new about the diverse and varied cultures and how politics, culture and language interact.”

Françoise Massardier-Kenney, director of the Institute for Applied Linguistics, said students can plan on having an enjoyable time if they attend the event.

Massardier-Kenney said watching each film gives you the feeling of being in another country.

“We choose movies from different genres so people can see the variety and wealth of movies,” she said. “The purpose is to give the students and the community an opportunity to see wonderful movies in Spanish.”

She said at the event they will show the film and then have a short discussion afterwards.

Kenney said watching each film gives people the feeling of being in another country and students open themselves up to a greater knowledge of the world around them. She said in the past students have been very pleased to attend the event and have a memorable experience.

Mellinger said the event is a great opportunity for students to broaden their cultural experiences.

“The film series is a great opportunity to learn more about other cultures, gain a new perspective on pressing issues and to overall have a good time,” Mellinger said.

Emily Moran is a School of Arts and Sciences reporter for The Daily Kent Stater. Contact Emily Moran at [email protected] .