KSU seniors graduate to wine with the Alumni Center

Megan Corder

Kent State seniors can try their hand at the art of wine tasting at the Alumni Center’s third annual “Graduating to Wine” event Friday from 6 to 8 p.m.

Students will travel to Viking Vineyards and Winery to taste six varieties of wines and be educated about the different aspects of wine tasting.

Carrie Circosta, assistant director of alumni relations, said this event is a great learning experience for seniors.

“It is kind of like that nice next step,” Circosta said. “Most college students won’t drink wine, but actually learning the wine [can be important] because, more often than not, at a business-dinner setting, someone, they will ask you to order the wine.”

A $5 deposit is required for the event, but will be given back once students arrive at the winery. Transportation will be provided by Go2Go Taxi from the Alumni Center.

The event is full and limited to seniors only, but students can still be put on a waiting list if they contact [email protected]

Contact Megan Corder at [email protected].