News On The Go: February 14, 2013

Maura Zurick

Officials are still trying to figure out who hacked into the nation’s public warning system to broadcast a false alert stating a zombie apocalypse was happening. People in California, Michigan, Montana and New Mexico have heard warnings about a “walking dead” attack over the Emergency Alert System. The Federal Communications Commission sent an advisory Tuesday telling stations to reset their alert passwords. The investigation is still ongoing and officials said they will not treat this as a prank. Read more here.

A Florida prisoner who stabbed a detective and escaped near Dallas, Texas while being transported to Nevada is considered very dangerous and is a schizophrenic. The prisoner, Alberto Morales, 42, escaped Monday after using a piece from his eyeglasses to stab the Florida detective who was one of two officers overseeing his transfer. On Wednesday, authorities stated that the detective has deep stab wounds and a collapsed lung. Police are still searching for Morales.

The Egyptian government faces accusations of torture after an opposition group claimed Wednesday that activist Mohammed el-Gindy was beaten and electrocuted. The government said el-Gindy died in a car accident, but hospital and morgue reports show that he was strangled, electrocuted on his tongue and had gashes on his head and neck. The opposition group said those wounds were inflicted when he was being held in detention by security forces. Read more here.

Chocolatier Andrea Pedraza designs chocolate pumps done in the style of Christian Louboutin shoes. Her shop is located in Dallas, Texas, and the price of the shoes ranges from $30 to $55. She said she made extra shoes for Valentine’s Day, and men have been buying the pumps the most in the last few weeks.