Our View: Career Services is here to help

DKS Editors

Summary: Students preparing to enter the workforce can use the Career Services Center for help while job searching. Attending the Spring Job and Internship Fair will give students the opportunity to meet employers and hand them their resumes.

Applying for summer jobs or careers after graduation can be daunting, not to mention stressful, for students. Fortunately, Kent State’s Career Services Center is a useful resource any student can use to polish their resumes, find job postings or simply seek advice on their future career paths.

Career Services also provides students the unique opportunity to show off their resumes to employers like the FBI and Peace Corps at the Spring Job and Internship Fair on Feb. 27. The annual event has been bumped up two months so students can get a head start on their job search by meeting employers face-to-face.

Attending the Job and Internship Fair is an excellent opportunity to speak with employers one-on-one instead of just sending off an anonymous application or resume and hoping to hear back. Employers get to see you in person, interact with you and ask you questions in real time. We think this is an exciting opportunity, but it can also cause some anxiety for students.

The best way to prepare for the event is by visiting the Career Services Center and having someone look over your resume, cover letter and/or application before it reaches a potential employer. The center can do this any time of the year, and it’s important to have an extra set of eyes on all your forms and letters before sending them off. Asking a professor in your department to look over your resume can also help ease the stress, and the advice they give could be useful for the rest of your life.

We’ve all heard plenty of stories about college graduates who can’t find a job relevant to their degrees after graduation and end up moving back home or working for minimum wage at a job they hate. This doesn’t have to be the norm. Students can take the initiative to suit up, polish their resumes and get started on their job and internship searches early.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.