Research for Life tells the stories behind KSU studies

Emily Komorowski

After more than a year of production, Kent State’s Division of Research and Sponsored Program introduced its first-ever “Research for Life” magazine in January.

The magazine, which features ongoing research projects and activities at the university, started its process in November 2011, and its 15,000 copies are available upon request to Jim Maxwell, marketing and public relations communications specialist in the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Grant McGimpsey, vice president for research in the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs, developed the idea for the magazine.

McGimpsey said the magazine is an attempt to show the outside world that research has profound effects. The magazine is geared toward Kent State alumni, faculty, staff, students and the general public.

McGimpsey said Kent State issued a research survey report in 2008, which was similar to the magazine. However, “Research for Life” focuses more heavily on the stories behind the research.

“The research survey included more statistics rather than articles or stories,” said Maxwell. “The magazine makes for a better read.”

Maxwell wrote internally and organized production of the magazine and met with chairs and deans of different departments for potential ideas.

“We wanted to focus on what the region and public needs and what Kent State has to offer,” said Maxwell.

One essay in the magazine, that both McGimpsey and Maxwell mentioned, was one by Owen Lovejoy. Lovejoy is a widely published author and Kent State professor who was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2007. His essay focuses on human evolution, the period of “knowledge explosion” and looks at events in human history.

“Owen’s essay is a great contextual piece,” said McGimpsey.

So far, both McGimpsey and Maxwell have said the publication has gotten all positive feedback.

“It’s a very exciting feeling to finally see a printed copy and to get it out there,” said Maxwell. “We wanted to make the magazine easy to read and understand for anyone who wants to read it.”

McGimpsey said a new edition will be published at the beginning of 2014, and he hopes it will be an annual publication.

“The publication is something that the university should be really proud of,” said McGimpsey. “It’s our way of helping out and informing the public and showing people that Kent State is not just a Liquid Crystal Display institute.”

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