Football player charged with receiving stolen property, marijuana possession


Kent State freshman running back Julian Durden runs the ball past Miami University senior linebacker Pat Hinkel in a game against Miami at Yager Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012. Photo by Kristin Bauer. Photo by Kristin Bauer.

Celia Fernandez

Freshman football player Julian Durden is being charged with receiving stolen property after a fellow Korb Hall resident accused him of stealing her wallet from her room. He was also cited with marijuana posession and is suspended indefinitely from all team activities.

On Feb. 9, 2013, Durden was charging his phone in the alleged victim’s room, according to the alleged victim.

“I went to the showers [in Korb] and when I came back, my wallet was gone,” the alleged victim said. “Julian was the only one who was in my room, besides my roommate.”

After realizing her wallet was missing, the alleged victim searched for it, called her mother to cancel her debit card and filed a police report with Kent State Police. After cancelling her debit card, she called her bank and was told there were three denied transactions for a gas station in Kent.

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Kent State Police charged Durden with receiving stolen property, a fifth degree felony, on Feb. 13, according to online court documents.

Durden was jailed for two days until a relative was able to pay 10 percent of the $20,000 bond set by the judge on his case. He is due back in court on Friday for a preliminary hearing, where he will be under the representation of a public defender.

As a condition of his bond, Durden isn’t allowed to have any contact with the alleged victim.

“We haven’t run into each other,” the alleged victim said .

Durden also received a citation in the Korb Hall parking lot on Feb. 9, the same day the wallet was allegedly stolen, after police found less than 100 grams of marijuana, a glass pipe and grinder in his possession.

Durden pleaded guilty to the possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, a minor misdemeanor, and was sentenced to complete the Marijuana “BIC 60” Diversion Program.

As part of the “BIC 60,” Durden has to complete a substance abuse evaluation, attend 30 minutes of counseling and complete a urine drug screening at the end of the program. He also has to pay $222 for other program and court-related costs.

If Durden does not complete the program within 90 days of entering his plea, he will be required to appear before the court for sentencing and can be sentenced to a maximum of 30 days in jail, $250 fine plus court costs and a license suspension of six months to three years.

In his 2012 freshman season as a running back, Durden had a career-long 32-yard run during the 17-13 loss to Arkansas State in the Bowl and scored his first career touchdown in the 23-7 victory Sept. 19 at Buffalo, according to the Kent State Athletics website.

“His status depends on how things go moving forward,” said Aaron Chimenti, assistant director of athletic communications.

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