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TV2 Sports

The TV2 Sports Team shared their opinion on what Kent State Football recruit they are looking forward to the most.

Kyle Vertoch (Wednesday Flashcast Anchor)

QB Nathan Strock has a dynamite arm from playing baseball his freshman year in high school, going 10-0. He is going to put up a competition to David Fisher, who was predicted to start this year. Having Archer back for his senior year and Strock and a possible starting QB, look for another great KSU football season.

Ty Sugick (Thursday Web Sports Anchor)

This is a tough decision, I like Nathan Strock alot as a QB but I am going to have to go with Brock Macaulay the 6’6 TE. I like the versatility he can bring to the spread offense with decent speed, amazing height and solid hands. I believe he can make an impact as a freshmen in a few sets and could help take some pressure off Archer and Durham. I am excited to see him go to work.

Cris Ross (TV2 Sports Reporter)

Dustyn Moore, MLB. Moore has good size for a college MLB. He can bring consistency to the position and hustle. As long as Moore can carry the intensity he had in high school that helped his team win their regional championship, Moore could be an excellent addition to the Golden Flashes Defense.

Zach Harley (Monday Flashcast Sports Anchor)

I’m excited about two recruits in particular. The one being QB Nathan Strock. The dude tossed 59 TDs in two years, only 8 picks. I really want to see if he can capture the starting spot his freshman year and transition his high school game to the college level. The other is WR Kris White. This one is simple for me because of what he said; “I’m a playmaker. . . I just like the ball.” Would love to see him back it up for the next four years.

Jacob Corcoran (Sports Corner Anchor)

This Nathan Strock guy intrigues me. His numbers in high school are nearly perfect. Fifty plus touchdowns and only SEVEN interceptions during his junior senior year? I’ll take that. Strock can be the kind of QB Kent hasn’t seen in years; a downfield passer. His size is impressive as well. I think next year’s QB battle will be very interesting. The more competition for any position, the better it is for the team.

Michael Drake (Friday Flashcast Sports Anchor)

Overall, the 2013 Kent State football recruiting class brings in a lot of talent and athleticism. Of these recruits I am looking forward to 3 of them. First and foremost I am looking forward to seeing how Dustyn Moore fills the shoes of graduating seniors CJ Malauulu and longtime starter Luke Batton at linebacker. Next, I look forward to seeing to watching Kentrell Taylor develop and potentially see time at the fullback position. Last season, Kent State loved to get in the i-formation and pound the rock with the 250 pound Trayion Durham. However the team did not have a solid fullback to lead the way. Sure, Tim Erjavec did a fine job as a utility guy moving from tight end to fullback and in short yardage situations, defensive end Zack Hitchens wasn’t too shabby either, but neither guy was a true fullback like Taylor. Although Taylor may be used on the defensive side of the ball, if he does end up playing fullback, the Golden Flashes could have the heaviest backfield in Division I football. Lastly, I am looking forward to seeing Brock Macaulay at tight end. At 6’6″ Macaulay adds another dimension to the offense, primarily in the passing game. But the question is…Can he block?

Jon Jankowski (Sports Director)

CB Demetrius Monday is the future flash I am looking forward to the most. KSU corners Sid Saulter and Norman Wolfe will be graduating and the Flashes will have to replace the void they are leaving. Monday is a very physical corner, who knows how to tackle. Monday is also a threat on special teams as a kick returner, he also specializes in blocking field goals.

Andy Jardy (Friday Sports Anchor)

I am looking forward to seeing if QB Nathan Strock can make an impact on the Flashes roster this season. With a QB slot open, the job is up for grabs. Strock may not get it, but a healthy quarterback competition in the spring is always a good thing for a team. Plus his dual-threat ability makes him an intriguing choice for Wildcat formations.

Sean Barie (Monday Sports Anchor)

The best new Kent State recruit will be whoever can adapt to Division I College Football the easiest. What makes it so difficult to decide who is “the best” is because these 21 players come from different states, regions, and divisions. You never know how a high school senior will develop. The “best” new recruit will be whoever can transition into college football the best.

Michelle Warner (TV2 Sports Reporter)

I am looking forward to seeing Dusty Moore, from Georgia play. Not only do his stats look good, but he is also the son of an NFL player. His dad even played for the Lions, and with genes like that, he’s bound to go far!

Krandall Brantley(Tuesday Web Sports Anchor)

I’m looking forward to seeing how Nathan Strock plays at the next level. Strock is an outstanding QB coming out of Tri Valley HS. He’s had some notable playoff wins, but he played in a relatively week conference. He’ll be battling for the starting QB job next fall.

Sean Eiler (Sports Reporter)

I’m looking forward to watching Roman Clay, running back coming out of PA. I’m a PA boy myself and actually remember watching Clay run all over his opponent in one of the PIAA State championships he won. To see that Kent State is pulling in that kind of talent in a running back who had 66 touchdowns in 2 seasons is very promising.

Rich Pierce (Sports Corner Anchor)

It may seem like a cop-out, but the most interesting recruit is QB Nathan Strock. Strock has some decent mobility and an arm capable of getting the ball outside the hashes (unlike our most recent pocketman). Most importantly, he’s accurate – 59 touchdowns to 7 interceptions in his last two seasons. The quarterback is the most important position on the field and one that has been lacking here for the last few years. Stockpiling young, strong arms is necessary to compete. His impact won’t be immediate, but in two, three years, he can be a big time player in this offense.

Matt Jarchow (Sports Reporter)

I’m most looking forward to seeing Nathan Strock take the field. The QB was a first team all-state selection the past two seasons, and I think he has a great shot to start from day one. We saw Spencer Keith the past four seasons. If Strock can come in and get experience as a freshman he could be Kent State’s leader for many years.

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