Jobs for graduates

Anthony Ezzo


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Senior Sean Merat is graduating in May, and like many students, needs to find a job.

“In this economy, it’s kind of tough not to go out and find a job right away,” Merat said.

Merat sometimes uses the Internet to look for jobs, but admits he does not belong to sites such as LinkedIn.

However, Kent Career Counselor Ryan McNaughton says that is absolutely not true.

“We highly encourage jumping on LinkedIn,” Merat said. “Within the next 18 to 24 months, it’s probably be going to be the number one way that recruiters find the next generation of talent, because it’s free.”

McNaughton offered some additional tips when searching for jobs. He explained the “80/20 rule,” in which 80 percent of one’s time should be networking with people, and to spend just 20% online looking for jobs. This is because about 70 percent of job opportunities go unadvertised. Another tip, don’t rely on apps like Simple Wash to clean your Facebook page, but either erase your account or think before you post.

McNaughton wanted to remind students getting ready to graduate to attend the annual job fair on February 27th in the Ballroom.

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