Students voice opinions on the Valentine’s and Anti-Valentine’s Day dinner

Helen Steward

Love it or hate it, Kent State’s Dining Services is setting up a special Valentine’s Day dinner for fans and haters of the holiday today at 4:30 p.m.

The romantic Valentine’s Day dinner will be at Eastway and the Anti-Valentine’s Day dinner will be at Prentice Café.

Dawn Rios, a chef at the Prentice Café, said the Anti-Valentine’s Day dinner features back stabber skewers, jerked chicken, conceited mushrooms, two-timer potatoes and desserts that match the theme. She said she expects they will have a fairly large crowd at the dinner despite their competition with Eastway.

Rios said she expects the Anti-Valentine’s dinner to attract singles or students who don’t have a “valentine” nearby.

While Prentice will attract the students who are less thrilled about the holiday, Eastway will cater to more romantic students and couples on campus. The menu will include traditional “romantic” foods such as lobster tail, shrimp scampi and beef tenderloin along with desserts such as chocolate-covered strawberries.

“I think the Eastway (dinner) will be awesome for me and my boyfriend,” said Shelby Bischoff, sophomore pre-nursing major. She said it will be a “date night” for her and her friends at Eastway.

Although the Anti-Valentine’s Dinner is catered more to single students

and the Valentine’s dinner is geared toward couples, all students are welcome to both dinners.

“I think having the Anti-Valentine’s and Valentine’s Dinner is a creative fun way to involve both those that are single, and those that have someone to spend the holiday with,” said sophomore visual communications design major, Logan Emser.

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